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The Legislation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation by which the European Parliament intends to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union. All Non-European countries are directly impacted, including the US and the UK. Brexit will not change the obligations on UK business

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GDPR Pilot is our Control Risk Self-Assessment (CRSA) that helps you navigate the complexities of GDPR legislation. It provides you with simple help to design and implement a compliant governance structure that is adapted to your own organisation. You can prioritise the work that is most important for you, monitor status and train staff. GDPR Pilot complements existing processes without forcing changes to systems that work already.

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Our Team

We are experienced and independent Risk, Compliance and Legal professionals with backgrounds and executive board experience at quoted companies. We have a pragmatic and real world approach adapted to all sizes of business that we share in GDPR Pilot. We first began using CRSA tools in the the mid 1990s. The approach remains as powerful today in optimising business performance as it did then.

The Legislation

GDPR compliance is enforced from the 25th May 2018

Executive briefing on GDPR


Legal Review of GDPR Pilot Content

GDPR Pilot in Practice

GDPR Pilot offers far more than a ‘checklist’. By design, the suite of features included provides a stand-alone compliance module, or validates and complements existing activity. By construction, it prompts you to think, and provide proof, not just to tick boxes.

It simplifies, yet remains comprehensive. You are prompted painlessly on nearly a hundred avenues of enquiry, split into around 20 themes. Being linked to Articles in the legislation, you can drill into the text to explore why the question is being asked. GDPR Pilot has scale, and can be used for businesses from sole traders to multi-nationals. It is a pragmatic tool. You control what you decide are priorities for your business. The methods used to assess risks, prioritise and allocate ownership of remediation tasks, visualise and monitor progress are all well tried and tested.

The crisis response and training features embed organisational awareness, and facilitate the informing of authorities within the specified 72 hour timeframe.

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Our team

We are an owner-managed business. This is important to us as it means that we can focus on the things that we feel are important about regulation. GDPR specifically presents the kind of technical challenge that we enjoy tackling, and the subject matter concerns us all individually.

In general our mantra regarding legislation is that wherever possible, it should not become a tickbox, checklist-driven exercise. GDPR is the perfect opportunity to have a genuine reflection as a business about what privacy means to you and your stakeholders. It is also a platform for reviewing internal processes and efficiencies.

As a management team we have all been responsible for organising and running business activities, and have had our fair share of false steps along the way. Experience has given us a few pet hates in the way services are priced, and also an understanding of what “safety features” should be in a support product to increase the chances of project success

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Fundamental GDPR Questions

GDPR Pilot begins here. The answers to these questions determine which elements of the legislation apply and are therefore included in the self-assessment.

Does GDPR affect me ?

Am I a Data Controller or a Data Processor ?



We use your number of employees to help us understand how much resource you will be using from us.

You can then choose from one of our three service level options. GDPR Pilot is designed to help you whether you are a sole trader or multinational. If you are a very large or complex organisation, we do offer a bespoke service.